Raleigh Masonry Repair and Rehab

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Brick and Stone Repairs, Rehab, and Reconstruction

While brick and mortar construction are very durable and last many years, they don’t last forever. Sometimes the ground settles and causes cracking in mortar or even in the bricks themselves. This can be seen in both brick walls cracking and foundations settling causing cracks. Here at Raleigh Masonry we specialize in matching the original brick and mortar colors and designs to create a seamless repair that matches the original. When repairing the foundation or exterior of your brick house, you should consult a trusted professional to ensure the project is done correctly. Your house is your largest investment, you don’t want a poorly done repair to affect its resale value. For mortar cracking, cracked bricks, or deteriorating archways please give us a call for a free estimate of the repair work. 

Below are some of the masonry repair services that we offer to the Raleigh – Durham – Chapel Hill  Area. 

  •  Rebuilding of cracked or damaged retaining wall
  • Tuckpointing – fixing mortar joint cracks in brick and stone walls and exteriors
  • Missing or broken stones in walls or walkways 
  • Weather and waterproofing 
  • Chimney repairs or rebuilds 
  • And many more repair projects! Contact us today with your masonry repair questions. 
cracked bricks and mortar mason repair

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You like staying warm by the fireplace? Of course you do, unless you’re not human everyone enjoys a nice warm, cozy fireplace to cuddle up to on a cold day or night. If you need a fireplace contractor or currently need repair work done, were the team for you. Give us a buzz right now, (919)-646-6223!

For years now we’ve been the leading fireplace professionals to get the job done for many customers. Give us a call if you want a free quote.

Fireplaces are a gem of most properties and having the right team to inspect, improve, rebuild, remodel, or re-stack your is powerful. You’ve come to Raleigh’s best fireplace professionals. Whether you’re installing a new unit or simply repairing components, we can handle the job for you. 

Fireplace Contractor – Indoor/Outdoor – Brick, Concrete, Tile

Before modern day, fireplaces were used primarily to cook food. Nowadays they seem to be the central piece in any great property. Within the fireplace, the fire pit contains the space available for burning wood to supply the heat for residents to warm up to. As wood burns in the fire pit, the chimney is the long tile or brick column that releases the smoke from the burning wood out of the house. 

Residents or businesses have three basic different types of fireplaces to choose from. Wood-burning fireplaces, gas-powered fireplaces, and electric fireplaces seem to be the common types people can decide on. Each one contrasts vastly with different features and benefits. A Wood-burning fireplace is the oldest style and also the most dangerous due to it’s explosive potential, while a gas-powered fireplace and electric fireplace seem to be the most modern with all the latest safety benefits attached.

Since the beginning of time, it is known that humans have innately had a connection with fire. Humans need to rely on a source for heat to be able to live. Fireplaces have been widely accepted and needed as a household feature everyone should contain. Continuing to have  maintenance check ups is advised. Depending on the  type you may need structural changes every once in awhile.

If you’re thinking about fixing your chimney, it’s not a bad idea. Chimney’s are essential to preventing any health hazards with houses being filled with toxic smoke. Safety is the biggest priority. A properly running chimney should allow for an easy path for fireplace smoke to be released in the atmosphere.  

Raleigh’s best fireplace company is only one phone call away. Using the professionals to handle all your fireplace jobs is the best idea. For years, we’ve been fixing, installing, repairing, remodeling, repainting, and rebuilding. With such a broad range of experience, we can help with just about any project.

There is a lot that goes into finishing fireplaces. Before completing  we need to inspect the new home or business. Upon running the costs for fireplace materials and labor an estimate will be given. Pick up the phone if you need to bring some more warmth and style to your residence. (919)-646-6223