Retaining Wall Repair and Installation

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Retaining Wall Construction

Building a quality retaining wall will allow you to take full advantage of your front or backyard. It makes a space that was full of slopes and hills into a flat usable space with a wall. The use of retaining walls will transform your hilly and sloping backyard into the perfect flat lawn. This is a great jumping off point for other hardscape projects as well. Our years of experience will put you at ease, we will work with your existing landscape and help you decide the perfect design and materials for the retaining wall construction. We have a wide array of materials to choose from including brick, stone, and concrete block. Finishes can also drastically change the style of the wall. Sometimes the walls are painted, others they are left to let the natural colors of the brick show through. Whatever your need is for a retaining wall, you can trust that Raleigh Masonry will approach the project with professionalism and expertise.  

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Retaining Wall Repair

Signs of a failing retaining walls are very easy to diagnose. You’ll notice tracking in the mortar or even crumbling of the brick or stone. The point of a retaining wall is to keep back water and soil. Unfortunately with age, the effects of gravity take its toll on walls and they need to be repaired or refurbished. Our team of masonry experts have years of experience repairing and maintaining retaining walls. For existing retaining walls we always recommend trying to repair it before completely replacing it. Removing an existing wall can be costly and may involve heavy equipment and extra labor. We are typically able to salvage deteriorating walls using wall anchors or helical tiebacks. Feel free to give us a call or submit a contact form with more information about your retaining wall repair needs. 

Learn More About Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are installed with the aim of restructuring and restraining soil on a slope or unnatural incline so that it might be maintained. By combating unnatural or uneven elevations, they can keep areas of terrain relatively cohesive and make a landscaping more desirable in general. Whether you need this for residential or commercial purposes, at Raleigh Masonry we have experience across the board. From larger scale projects or even more specific purposes like a landscape on a hillside—we are willing able to meet your needs!

Retaining Wall Variety

We are pleased to offer the most extensive variety of retaining wall services in the area. We go above and beyond the simple selections many other masonry contractors offer and have the ability to specialize and branch out to meet the unique needs of our customers. A common service our clients enjoy are gravity walls, which improve stability and have durability. We use unique materials to be long lasting. Another option are cantilevered walls, which we find our customers thoroughly enjoy as well. Another benefit of this option is that they require a lot less material than a traditional gravity wall. If you are interested in other options, please see our website or contact us for information about other wall types such as sheet piling walls, anchored walls, and bored piling walls.

Alternative Methods

For our customers who are less interested in retaining walls, there are other techniques our team can recommend to deal with uneven ground and abnormal slopes across a landscape. If an alternate route sounds appealing to you, please call to speak with one of our experts about the potential eligibility for soil nailing, soil strengthening, gabion meshes, and mechanical stabilization. We will work with your desires in order to pick your best fit.  

Licensed Professionals

Installing retaining walls is a process that needs to be done in a particular manner in order to actualize the visions of our customers while simultaneously composing a functional solution. All of our team members who work on retaining walls have direct experience in a variety of projects. At some point or another all or our team members have been exposed to projects with each of the different types of services that we offer in terms of retaining walls and our alternate approaches as well. Our employees are flexible, hard-working, and customer oriented; we will not quit until you are satisfied and your landscaping is stable!

Retaining Wall Equipment

Building a retaining wall involves a large amount of heavy duty and dangerous equipment. To ensure a stable structure, certain steps and approaches in order to best complete a project with durable results. Many of the machines utilized in installing retaining walls are not safe for use by people who are not landscaping professionals. To enable you to have a full selection of options and proper installation, please turn to us for this process; we won’t let you down!